What's New With You: Caring Classroom

I'm starting a short mini-series on some things I want to try during this school year.  Join me on this journey by following along - I'd love to hear what new things you are trying this year!

Starting in an older grade, I wanted to promote a real environment of caring in my classroom.  I wanted this to be a classroom goal and thought of some great ways to make it happen in my room! 

I created this Caring Classroom: RAK Style pack to help you promote this in your classroom.  Using Random Acts of Kindness to create a caring environment that your students work towards.  This is a tool that can be used all year long and create great discussions in your classroom.  There are TONS of great printables for every need and to help you keep track of all the awesome things you are doing in your room! 

Here you can see some of the major components: 
*Kind-o-meter (printed across multiple pages - big enough for bulletin board)
*Class Journal - great to keep track
*journal prompts for individuals or class
* Personal tracker to know where you are in order to meet your goal. 

* There are TONS of ideas of R.A.Ks for your class, school, or community! 
*Kindness quilt blocks for you to complete as a class or school

and then of course you need: 

There are options for the whole class and for individuals.  I plan to keep ours in our data folder and display the class "Kind-o-meter" along with the class goal on a bulletin board in our room! This will hold students accountable and make sure everyone stays on track. 

I'm so excited and I really think this can spur great discussions about character in the classroom and how a little kindness can go a long way.  Be sure to check back soon to see our bulletin board in action!

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