Open House - Meet the Teacher


Well today's the day....Meet the Teacher and we start on Thursday. I'm so glad to have the day off in between - this pregnant body needs it!

I'm excited for my students to check out our tech theme and all the goodies I have been working on!

First up are our iPhone Name tags  - you can snag yours here! They are complete with names, grade level, and their numbers (for easy grading reference and organization).  These are editable but work great for any classroom! 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I picked up these bookmarks as a FREEBIE in the Brown Bag Teacher's Store! I love the color and the way they come with strategies on the back!

I picked up this flip book here!
I'm so glad to have all this info in one spot for parents! It will make it easily accessible and tons of info plus it's RAINBOW!

Made these AWESOME looking playlists for their desks as well! These were inspired by The Teacher's Chair and you can find her original idea  - here on Instagram! 

If you want to follow me for lots of sneak peeks at what is coming up - you can do that here. 

Here's a view from of the desks from afar: 

and one up close....

 I have a parent presentation ready and some stations for the students to do but the way our Open House is structured I'm not sure how much parent time, I'll have to fit it all in :(   If you want to see the rest of my room check out my post - here! 


  1. Yay! I love the colors you chose for your flipbooks. I did mine in our school colors.
    I also love the idea of those nametags and playlists!
    Have a great year!
    Thriving in 3rd
    L Paull Designs for All

  2. Hey Amber! Are those fun playlists posted anywhere on your site or The Teacher's Chair's sight? I can't find them but they are SO cute! I'd love to have these for this years back to school. =)

  3. This is so cute! I Am interested in your CLass Dojo Flipchart and what you added to inform parents. Would you share? :) Amanda dot gurney at g m a i l . c o m

  4. I love your ideas for open house and would also like to know what you included for your Class Dojo flipchart. Do you have template for your welcome letter? Thank you!

  5. I love your ideas! I was also interested in your welcome letter. Do you have a template for it? I would love to use it for my 3rd grade parents. If so, my email is

    Thanks so much!


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