Primer Sight Word Interactive Foldable Pack

If you liked the Pre-primer pack......

then look no further for the Primer edition!  I have had requests to make this pack and it now includes all the Primer Dolch words in the same format.  That means plenty of ways to practice the words throughout the WHOLE year! 

Why these are great:
*predicatable for students
*many ways to practice using the word
*easy to navigate and fold for younger students
*can be done independently - group work, individual, or for centers but also as a whole class

Click the Purple square below to try 3 words for FREE and see how they work for your classroom!

I also bundled the 2 together which you can purchase to save some money! These are great to have at the beginning of the year since they can be used for an extended amount of time.  The students can build up their notebook and keep it for reviewing words.

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