Monday Made It - Rolled Paper Table Decor!

I finally have time to show off a little of what I have been working on!  These got so much activity on Instagram  (Even Queen of the First Grade Jungle still my blogging heart!) that I thought I should show you how to make them.  I was inspired by First Class in 4th Grade after I saw hers on Instagram and then made some of my own signs to go along.  

I know most teachers are perfectionists - NOT ME! If it is pretty good - I go with it.  I'm sure there are ways to get these more precise but for my taste they looked great! 

Without further ado ....  how to make them. 

I realize you could call these flowers...they look like flowers...I didn't want to use that word so they are table decorations! 


Paper (I got mine at Target)
Table signs - plenty on TPT I haven't posted these yet but could if there is interest)

NO glue or tape - yep crazy easy even I could do it! 

I'm sure you could fasten in a more decorative way but really the staples blend in with the dark chalkboard and is so much easier than gluing anything in there! 

You going to try them out? Really the cost of paper was the whole cost and so EASY! Trust me if I can do it, anyone can do it!


  1. Very cute and super economical. Got to love it!

  2. What a cute and simple idea!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love it!!! Such a cute (and bright) idea!!!

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  4. I would love, love, love, love, love....did I mention LOVE to have these for my table groups. I would attach them to each table's community supplies bin. Let me know. Thank you so much!!


  5. SO easy and cute! I am going to make them with my students and put their names on them to hang in the room to start the year.


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