Editable iPhone Name Tags and Rosters

So with all the craziness of moving the past month and finishing summer school the next school year has been on the back burner.  I didn't know what theme I wanted in my room. Did I want a theme? How does it benefit students? Somehow, I stumbled upon some technology clipart and the rest is history.  Although it isn't the main focus on every board (maybe next year) I am creating some tech themed goodies for my students to start the year off!  Stay tuned for your chance to win some.

I'm so excited because I'm nervous starting an older grade and am hoping my students will think this is "cool." Heck, I would think they were cool if I was their age!

The first thing I created were these Editable iPhones for each student as a name tag.  They also include their student number for quick reference since we don't have the big nametags in the upper grades any more.  They look so great all laminated on their desks though!!

I also created some editable rosters to go along with this theme that are easy to print and look cohesive in your room.  Just wait to see what I've got in the works next...I just hope I have enough time to get it all finished before school starts!

Be sure to follow my FB page - here - for a chance to win these! All you have to do is share your classroom theme this year!

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