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Looking ahead, I wanted to start the year off with a fun activity for my upper elementary students.  I created both of these activities with my new 4th graders in mind.  They are so versatile that they would work from 3-5 with the range of math involved.

The first is Monster Math About Me  It is essentially a monster coloring sheet where you answer math problems and fill in the coordinating colors on your sheet.  I love that each student's page will look different while they are all completing the same questions!

This allows student to get their brain started for the year while still learning about each other and school in a fun way.  Check out some of the cards below.

The questions are so fun and great to get the year started.  It even comes with an extension sheet to look indepth at what colors are prevalent in your sheet and why.

The recording sheet makes it easier to keep track of your answers while filling in the proper part of the coloring sheet.  I'm excited for such a great activity to start the year! Click any of the pictures or here if you want something like this for your room this year! 

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  1. LOVE this math idea!!! I'm actually not teaching math next year, but I'm going to share it with my teaching partner :)

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