Back to School Math (2)

Looking ahead, I wanted to start the year off with a fun activity for my upper elementary students.  I created both of these activities with my new 4th graders in mind.  They are so versatile that they would work from 3-5 with the range of math involved.

Another fun math idea for the beginning of the year was my EDITABLE Glad to Meet You: Math Style.  It is a great compliment to Monster Math About Me.

This is perfect to learn about your new school and to make students feel comfortable in their new environment!

Essentially the pack contains a 10 questions Scoot or scavenger hunt game with an answer book.  Each answer involves math about the student or the school on a 3rd-5th grade level.

With questions such as:

* How many hours until your birthday?

* How many minutes have you been in school since Kindergarten?

* How many school days till winter break?

Students' brains will be working heavily.  Some background information is necessary to be successful but the teacher can provide that to the students and they learn about the school through that information.

The answer slides are editable! (NOT the questions themselves!) so that you can customize the answers ahead of time or work them out with your students.


This does involve estimating work as well as finding the correct answer.  Measuring is a large focus mostly on time but a few other areas as well.  Students will need to be able to add, multiply, subtract, and divide on questions as they see fit.

Click any of the pictures or here if this is something you want to try in your classroom this year!

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