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Since I'm moving to 4th grade I've had to do some major research (kindergarten is not quite the same ;) - the most memorable part of 4th grade in my state was learning state history and visiting the Capitol.  I was really excited that this was the first unit I created for 4th grade and one that I am really excited about.  It got me to review the material and standards we need to cover so I feel more prepared too! It nearly covers every state standard we have for learning about our state history and I looked at other state's standards as well to make sure it would fit.

The best part - this can be applied to ANY STATE! (yes you read that right!) All the printables and interactive notebook components are applicable to any state and would enhance learning in this social studies area!

Here are the pages:

These are great to work on and can easily be completed by students.  They reinforce skills and note taking that would coincide with learning about one's state history. 

Ok....confession....I jumped on the interactive notebook bandwagon.  A little late you say, well in Kindergarten we have done much interactive notebooking besides these foldable versions with our sight words! They went over really well but I after making these for social studies I am obsessed.  I had so much fun cutting and filling them out.  The bright paper I think really makes a difference too and is so much fun espeically if you have to take notes.
It comes with 10 different foldable templates to learn about your state!

Some of the templates include:
  • Famous People from your state
  • Spinner to learn about people, climate, natural resources and more
  • agriculture, trade and industry in your state
  • State facts including state bird, nickname, flower, etc...
  • Motivation, Starting Point, and Hardships of Westward Expansion
+  MORE!

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