Mind Movers FREEBIE!

If you saw my Instagram you might have seen this picture from yesterday: 

I'm so excited to share this FREEBIE with you! This has been a labor of love for me and I can't wait to implement all these ideas into the classroom next year.   You're probably wondering what this could be all about ... stick around you are about to find out! 

After finding out I was moving up to 4th grade next year - my brain was going a million miles an hour trying to wrap my head around that grade level.  Not necessarily the material (although I need to heavily review that too - what is summer for?!)  but the maturity of the students.

From kindergarten they seem much older and definitely more independent.  After seeing some recent Passion Project/Genius Hour ideas I knew I wanted to start something like this in my room.  These ideas stemmed from that in the beginning. I wanted fun ways to engage my students and small time fillers that 4th Grade would like.

I started with these books I was rereading to see what ideas I could get and compiled my favorites into card form that I could easily use in class - and they are COLOR CODED!

Those books are great = I especially love The Laughing Classroom because of the unique ideas! Here's how the cards are organized:

5 Basic categories: 

Pink - writing: fun, creative writing ideas for those silly days

Green - review games: Ways to review that are out of the ordinary drill and answer questions.  Unique ways to review material

Purple - class cooperation : ways to engage the class altogether.  working in unique ways that builds class rapport and quick activities for those few extra minutes.

Yellow - funny business : funny ideas in general to generate laughter and flex those brain muscles

Blue - creative thinking : Challenging ideas to really focus on divergent thinking. 

Here are some card examples: 

I'm so excited to have some engaging and unique ideas to try in my classroom and more importantly ways to promote creative thinking and laughter, I'm realizing those are slowly going away as you go through school.  

This video if you haven't seen it, really hits home with me especially the divergent thinking parts - worth the 10 minutes!

Ok so now you are wondering - I want to see what these are all about! These are an exclusive Fan Freebie on Facebook! Make sure to like my page to get access.  Any of the pictures will take you to my FB page.  

I would LOVE to hear if you find this useful! 

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