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So if you follow my FB you might already know that I'm changing grade levels and schools again this year.  I just moved to Minnesota last year for my husband's last year of school.  I taught Kindergarten this year and absolutely LOVED it! I had a fantastic school family - that I will miss incredibly.  This was my first full year teaching and they were SO supportive and I think there will always be a place in my heart for my "lunch crew."  I've subbed at so many schools and finding a place where you fit is hard - I know it is possible but it is hard! Here's to hoping it can happen again!

We decided a little while ago to move back to Missouri and I accepted a position as a 4th grade teacher.  The school will departmentalize and I'll be either math or science for the upcoming year.

I already have a list of things to do with my "big kids" next year and I'm really excited.  Teaching science would be awesome as you have seen in my blog - I find ways to get it in!

Not so excited about the whole move and new place but glad to be back close to my family and friends (3 close friends have weddings next year!).

Do you have any tips for switching grade levels or any 4th grade stuff I should know about? 

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  1. I long term subbed in 5th grade this year and they departmentalized as well and I got to teach science! It was a new experience for me, since I student taught in 1st and Kinder and then also had a long term kinder position as well. I just found out that I will be teaching Kindergarten for my first official year teaching and I'm super excited :) I just love being with the little ones! My advice with the older ones is to just be hard on them, expect a lot because they are capable of it. They won't respect you if you act the same way with them as you did with your Kinders. They will still love you in the end...I still get lots of hugs from them :)


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