April Currently

Loving: APRIL! It's my birthday month and I get to finally see my family for Easter. Since we live far away - it will be a treat!

Thinking: We had snow on March 31st and suppose to be getting more! MN weather is insane :(

Wanting: laminating sheets.  I have so many projects that I am just waiting on -hoping to get some for my birthday (wink,wink).  Our laminator at school is kinda pathetic.  Even if I let it warm up for an extended amount of time, it will barely laminate and half  most of the time either the front or the back falls off.  Kids even bring me pieces from things I try to laminate  - so sad!

Needing: a spring break! You are certainly lucky if you got one! We have NO spring break unless you count a Friday off for Easter :(   We get off early which is great but still.....it is dragging a little bit.

We go to school 8-3 and work 7:30-3:30 pretty typical I enjoy the schedule.  Yes you read that right - MAY 16TH people! No Spring Break but this will be great!! Less than 2 months - 34 days but who is counting ;)

I jumped on the Interactive Notebook bandwagon = check out my latest product.  Make sure you are following my Facebook page for a giveaway of this soon!


  1. Oh my...no spring break??? You have my sympathies. Is that how you get out so early in May?

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  2. May 16th?? Jealous! We don't get out until June 18th, but we do get a February and April break. I guess it's an even trade! Hope the snow disappears soon for you. I think (hope!) ours is finally gone.

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple

  3. I am so jealous of your May 16 as the last day of school! We get out on June 6, but I'm thankful that we get to keep our Spring Break!
    I feel you the laminating, too! A teacher can never have enough laminating sheets! I go through those things like water! :)
    Mrs. H's Resource Room

  4. Wow! May 16th! I think I might like that... you are in the home stretch! :) Your sight word notebook looks so cool... Great idea!

    Happy Teaching,
    Adventures in Teaching (A First Grade Blog)
    My TpT Store
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  5. I'm sorry that you don't have spring break, but just think-You get a month and a half before me! :)
    Found your blog through Currently and I am your newest follower. Would love for you to head over and check out my blog! Missy TheAdventuresofAClassyTeacher

  6. Wow, May 16th and in Minnesota. Over here in Wisconsin we are out on the 12th of June. I love that your blog has a ton of science ideas. I am staying a while! I teach k-5 science in Wausau. We frequent MN because our oldest is going to college over there. Enjoy your weekend!

    Renee at the Science School Yard


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