ULTIMATE Elementary Book!

So as a Kindergarten teacher this year, I'm in charge of planning Round Up for the incoming class.  This has been a fun creative challenge in designing invites and a QR code tour of our school!  I wanted my students to be able to send a message on and reflect about our year!  This is how the Elementary Book was born!

This book is filled with pages that will help your students reflect as well as write toward the end of the year.  It contains many different pages.  In my class no one repeated pages so they each had a different writing topic. 

I decided to my cover in white and my pages in lighter colors just to catch the attention of the little youngsters coming in.

My plan is get the book finished so that I can make a video of each student reading their page to play at Round Up~

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  1. This is really cute! I teach kindergarten too and this would be perfect for end of the year. :)



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