Five for Friday

I haven't done a Five for Friday in's what we've been up to!

I finally registered for the TPT conference! I had plane tickets for awhile and now have fully registered! Cannot wait.  Anyone else going? 

I'm loving our hallway display - so many rainbows! We're ready for spring whether it is here or not  in MN! :(

We had so much fun making all the projects and it brightens up the hallways! 

Some of what I've been working on! Some great word work ideas in my April Code Breakers! It even comes with self-checking QR codes! 

FREE Egg-citing Least to Greatest math center if you are interested! I love how I can actually keep this one up for a couple weeks :) 

We recently completed our Kindergarten Round up! Whew - that was exhausting! Do you do one at your school? I love getting to show off our school and meet the incoming students but it is tiring.  

This year we used QR codes on our tour stops with videos of kindergarteners at that location.  I think that really showcased our technology and was something new and  different. 

Of course, with all the hubbub, I didn't get time to snap any cool pictures of the stuff we did :(

Sight Word Musical Chairs! This is my new favorite activity! We had to have our tables covered for Kindergarten Round UP and I wanted to use the paper for something when we were finished.  My teammate played sight word musical chairs and I thought - we have to do this! Today we gave it a try!

I just blocked off different sight words at each table spot.  Then when the music stopped, they had to write that word and whisper it to a friend or teacher! Along with our Kidz Bop pandora it was a great activity - so engaged and got some energy out.  We are still in Minnesota ya know, it can still be chilly. 

Kinesthetic and fun for all involved.  Even I was moving and grooving - not going to lie. GREAT day!


  1. Sight word musical chairs sounds like such a fun idea. I'm definitely going to try a version of that with my class. Thanks for sharing!

    Butterflying Through Teaching

  2. Amber, I love the idea of sight word musical chairs! SO much fun! Thanks for sharing!
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

  3. Would be fun to have a letter in each box and have students rotate and write a word or draw a picture that begins with that letter. Thank you for sharing!


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