100 days of School - Kindergarten Style

So you're wondering why my post is so late? Why I'm not in the same 100 boat as everyone else, and no that would not be because I'm so slow.  Our school has a unique kindergarten schedule.  We go every M/W/F until early Decemeber with Supplemental Kindergarten on Tuesday or Thursday to close the achievement gap.  It is my first experience with a school that has a schedule like this and it works fantastically!  I know some might be skeptical but really it can help with fewer students they get so much 1 on 1 attention in the beginning of the year.  It can benefit students who do come in having NO preschool and give them a chance to catch up with the ones that have.   Socially, I have some that come in so shy and will not talk, this gives them a chance to meet more students in smaller groups that help them come out of their shell faster. 

One downside- days of the week is hard to teach :)

Now onto our 100 day celebration - 1 upside, is I got to read what everyone else did for 100th day so this gave me some great ideas to use in my room!

We did our normal calendar time and really focused on place value when we go to 100 with our hundred squares, 10 sticks, and 1 cubes!  They were so excited watching the numbers change over and figuring it out.  We also played "Let's Get Fit, Counting to 100".  We've done this video before but it was extra fun today because it was 100th day of course!  I also introduced this after finding out from an IG friend, "What do the letters say?" because who doesn't love a parody? 

We read "Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th day"  We talked about the collections we had brought in since this was our family project for this month.

Next we made gumball machines using groups of 10s!  The project is FREE so click on the link to get one for next year! So easy and great practice for my kindergarten kids.  I told them we counted by 1s on exercise, 10s for this, and 5s for our hand project below.  Lots of ways to count!

After our modified gumball machines, we moved on to some snowball numbers! I have seen this idea over Pinterest and you can use it to review with any subject.   Crumple pieces of paper, throw in middle (snowball) then grab one and read. 

We went around the circle reading our 2 or 3 digit numbers just for practice. You should have seen the look on their faces when they got to crumple up the paper! It was pure "kindergarten heaven" I tell you!!  This could be used for sight words, tougher math problems, any memorization work could easily work for this!! 

Next year, when I have older students (and more time! I was totally thinking of ideas last minute) the students could make the snowball but for us - I just wrote the numbers quickly.


Next - since our music teacher was out sick, we used the previous snowballs for a cakewalk game. When the music stopped you had to stay on your number and read it - we went around the circle so everyone got a chance to read before we started the music again. 

Again, even though it was the same numbers, reading those high numbers is a skill and this was just another fun way to practice :)

We did this 100 graphing FREE - here (sorry no pictures)

Perhaps my favorite activity! 100 kisses! We matched up 100 kisses with numbers on a large hundreds chart we made.

They had to tell me the number then match it up!

This might have been my favorite - but it was tough to tell - so much fun!

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  1. I would love to read a more in-depth post on your school's kindergarten schedule and how it and the supplemental days look/work.


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