Positional Words Interactive Book!

I'm so excited about today's post! So starting kindergarten this year I didn't realize position words/prepositions were something I would have to teach.  I guess I just assumed most students knew that.  That is not the case, as I saw in our first round of assessments.  Although this wasn't a great need in my class I wanted to make sure it got addressed, so that is where the Positional Words Interactive book came along!

This book is perfect for my students to practice these skills while still working in a fun interactive way!  The book has velcro objects that you place on every page - making it not seem like practice.

My students who needed help on these concepts had a blast practicing and I really got to reinforce what each word meant if they had trouble or needed help!

I love that it can be used over and over again for a single student or used by a student on their own.  I laminated and binded the book for extra strength as they concepts need to be reinforced in the early years of school. 

If your students need help with any of these concepts - click on any of the pages below to check it out! I love working on this book with my students! It is great for the focus they need on this one tricky concept!

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