Kindergarten Writing Center UPDATE

Remember this post?! I talked on and on about my writing center at the beginning of the year and the options my kindergarteners had!

Well I have an update.  I added one more option to my center about 6 weeks before break.  

I wanted to give my students more practice with writing letters and now words, but also counting.  I was inspired when I saw some connect the dots and my students counted out loud to help.  Combining the 2 is perfect for the beginning of the year kindergarten.  Here are some of this center in action: 

You connect the dots to make a word or a letter and then practice writing the letter on the lines below. 

The center contains our sight word list, see the preview for more information! 

Easy to use and reuse again - perfect for a center.

For our writing center later in the year - we use my sentence starters 

They are a great transition piece for my students who need to read the words, finish the sentence, and "mail" it to me.

After these become too easy, they get full writing paper with a checklist that they can work on when we have centers.  We also have a designated writing time (block) once a week along with mini lessons.  So we progress from writing letters/words to finishing sentences, to writing on our own. 

One of my favorite papers has been - the one below - because of the checklist! It keeps us focused!!

Writing paper with self-editing checklist for kindergarten

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