Five for Friday

What's been going on? I don't think I've done one of these for awhile!

We did some of our sight words hunts! We love using magnifying glasses to find our words!  My pack below is great for the WHOLE YEAR! and is now EDITABLE!!! Even better 
click pics for more info!


My prepositional words book has been a hit with my students that need extra help with these words! We love using Velcro and getting to place objects - it makes it much more fun! 

One of my favorite Christmas presents - my new chair! I love the colors and the words.  My mom made this special chair for me and I love getting to sit in it everyday at school!

I posted this on Instagram (SSSTeaching) a few days ago! I love my new apple Post it dispenser and my photo frame so I finally have some pictures on my desk. I've been meaning to , just never got around to it!


on Monday we had a COLD day- the Governor called off school for the state! Hello 3 day weekend! 

I just moved up North so this came as a surprise, but a nice surprise since we were already back in school on Thursday.  I'll definitely be staying inside all day with those -60 degree windchills - record cold even for the Antarctica I live in (MN ...hehe)  


  1. I love your new chair! So cute!

  2. Adorable chair! Didn't you LOVE the cold days?!? Our school also called off school for Tuesday which made this a fabulous 3 day week! Glad to find another MN blogger!

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