Elf Shenanigans Final Round

We have had so much and with our elf! I can't believe it is already time to say goodbye! At first, my students really did not believe it and I was pretty bummed but by the last week - we were tracking his every move and writing a TON about him! They definitely wanted to be on the nice list.

Twinkle left us coloring books do to in our free time during school this week! I love that this one had some writing to go with it! Get yours here!

Twinkle cut up snowflakes and taught us how to do them too!

Twinkle left us "selfies" (yes- kindergarteners are familiar with that word!!!) on the Smartboard and computer!  

Twinkle left us Magic Elf Sprinkles (glitter - it might look like it ;) we could take a picture with him for 30min and then the sprinkles wore off.  I used the pictures to put these cute cards with candy for their desks! I LOVE how they turned out and I know they will be so excited to walk in and see them! 

You can download a copy of the elf letter here! All you need to do is insert your elf's name and any special messages you have for students!

Take a look at what ours looked like!

Don't forget to sign them with your elf's name and I left special P.S. messages on some of mine as well :)

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