Teeny Tiny Sight Word Hunts

So I recently discovered sight word hunts...not around the room but with magnifying glasses! My students absolutely loved these!  They had so much fun working and recording their words and getting to use the magnifying glasses who would have thought?

I created a pack for Treasures sight word hunts for the whole year, 4 words a month and a search for each month.  We do these in partners and even if you print in B/W it still comes out with words you can see.  With only 1 a month my students don't get too bored and still get excited to do these.  We started doing them altogether and I sometimes put them in the word work center since we have become more independent.  Students know I'm looking for their best handwriting and work so they get to work quickly.

This fun spin really livens up the sight word routine.  We say it, spell it, use it as password, use it in writing, but looking for it super small really steps up their game!

Download the preview to get a FREE sight word search for the beginning of the year!!


  1. I am going to pass this on to my neighbor down the hall. She loves, loves, doing these!!!! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Boa tarde flor!!!
    Amei suas dicas e adorei seu blog!!!
    Feliz e Abençoado Dia!!!
    Bjokas...da Bia!!!


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