Scholastic Dollar Books

Ahhhhh...the teacher in me is going crazy!! I have been eyeing this Sight Word Poetry book ever since I saw it on another's blog and I was reminded again how awesome that would be to incorporate but how much work it would be to make......well did you know it is ONLY $1 as a downloable ebook (PDF) on Scholastic?????? Even I could spend that much! I was thrilled and purchased it right away!

I actually love that I can just print off one page at a time that we would need! Perfect for my sight word work station!

Sight Word Poetry Pages

You can also search their entire teaching resources by price and there are pages of resource books for a dollar! Maybe, I'm the only one that didn't know but hey, it made my day so I thought I would share! :)

Let me know if you see anymore diehard kindergarten books that I should have! 

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  1. I love that book too! I use it all of the time and I have a printed copy. But it might be worth a dollar to have it electronically too!


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