October Currently

I'm linking up with Farley again to see what I'm up to this month!

I absolutely love my class (maybe you always love them your first year?)  but we get off early 3 wednesdays this month and Kindergarten only goes M/W/F until December (we're weird) so I feel like we're missing a lot of teaching time!

That being said, with starting reading groups I need some more small group work besides books to do with kindergarten that focus on letters, sounds, etc...

If you have seen my Instagram you may know that I'm on a slight painting kick and am in definite need of more canvas!!

Don't forget to enter the teacher shirt giveaway either since today is the last day!!!

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  1. that canvas is super cute!!! oh, and I LOVE candy corn like you!

  2. Enjoyed reading your Currently- thanks for sharin!



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