Book Creator App...even in Kindergarten

So I was trying to come up with cool ways to use our Ipads in Kindergarten.  I found the Book Creator App (FREE) and was really excited by how it turned out!  I have to admit I was skeptical about what kindergarteners could do, but I was impressed.  We worked on many writing skills, typing, letter recognition, and technology to create our book!  We used the book creator app to write about ourselves using sight words and it couldn't be easier- even for kindergarten and one Ipad!

I'll walk you through the steps of our book:

1. I created a cover page using the top + and "i" signs you can add content or change the color and size of the page and words.  It really couldn't be easier!
As you can see you can add photos you already have or use the camera -which is what we did so we could get a picture of ourselves.  Here is also where you would add text using the "T"

Next, each student created a page - with 1 ipad it was slower but we talked about taking turns.  They used the camera feature to take a picture of themselves.  For our book, we first included our names, then some sight word sentences!  We know the words "I, am, like" so they each did 1 "I am" sentence usually their age and one thing they liked. 

I have some word rings that helped them spell words or they worked with me to sound it out. Then they could change the colors if they wanted.

Here is my page: Ignore my extremely crazy look in the picture - I did it before school started (it was still dark :(

On the pages tab you can reorder the pages any way you would like which is definitely handy.

One of my favorite parts of the app is after you finish a book, you have numerous ways you can read it.

Clicking the arrow icon on the top right shows you, you can open it in iBooks - what a fun way for students to read it to themselves and learn about classmates while reading sight words!  It is easy to find and fun for them to read about people they know!

Another option for the book is exporting! You can export it as email or other various things by clicking the same icon when you are looking at your complete books.  It is normally sent as a .pub document and can be opened by other Apple devices but it also gives you the option to export as a pdf which can be printed.  I will also keep a copy in my room for students to read.

I will add our class picture to the front as well!  This is excellent also for students to learn about keyboarding.  We need that for our computer time so getting familiar with the layout now is also helpful.  For beginning kindergarten, even letter recognition is important when they have to find the letter that matches how to spell the sight word!

I think it worked on many great skills and I can't wait to begin another book.  I'm thinking some type of research project...any great ideas for Kindergarten? What else have you done in Book Creator?


  1. Cool - great that you are experimenting and even Kindergarten kids can do it, that's what we like to hear! Keep us updated - perhaps we could share your story on our blog too?

  2. That would be fantastic, send me a link if it does happen I'd love to see it. I'm sure you'll see more since I have a few more ideas!


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