Sight Word Song

I know I haven't been blogging lately but it has been crazy back to school, but at least you get lots of freebies...that makes it a little better right? :/

Today is no different.  We sing a sight word song when we introduce a word to the class that we will be focusing on.  Its a simple tune but it gets the job done.  I don't know who came up with this song but I couldn't find the lyrics anywhere so I made my own! I didn't write it just couldn't find the words!  I love using songs and it keeps us focused on the carpet.

Click the picture to get the download!

I keep my sight words on magnets for the front board and they stay in a special box.  Another copy goes on our word wall.  I also use them as a password when we leave the room or while we have time in the hall.  We find them frequently in books from our reading series and we learn to write them.   I try to focus on them whenever possible because they should be words that should be easily least by the end of the year.

What else do you do with sight words? I would love to get more ideas as well.

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