What do you get....

What class doesn't love jokes?!  With testing almost finished I had to have something for the students to work and its the end of the year so I pulled out my PigPen Code Breakers activity!  I made this optional since some of my students would have a harder time than others even in partners, but it went over so well! 

They had a blast figuring out the joke book and writing letters.  We even had our own messaging service to mail letters to others after they were approved by me ;) They loved cracking the jokes and coloring in the book.  It was fun for an end of year activity while still keeping engaged in work.  We did have to write letters using PigPen after all.  They even followed the correct format for a letter and everything!

Don't think this code is too involved, truly it is EASY just follow the boxes around a letter (and dots!) to figure it out :)

Check out some pics of us cracking code in action!  Hard work paid off when we got to share the jokes with each other.

So colorful and fun!

Here's a closer look at what can be found inside!  Made my day so much better!

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