Poetry Tech Tips!

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Ok- so surviving has been my tactic for the last couple weeks and I have finally kicked myself in gear!  Whew taking over a classroom at the end of the year is intense but glad I'm finally getting a hold on it.  We are starting a new poetry unit soon and of course I was looking for resources to share and help the students out. Here are some FUN online resources to help you out!

1. Magnetic Poetry- yes that fun stuff I wish I could play with has online versions and you can save! What a fun project that would be!

2. Poem Comprehension

Free Interactive Reading Comprehension Games for Kids

3. Poetry Splatter- like Mad Libs but poetry.  I love that it is sorted into categories of words!

RIF Reading Planet

I found some great TPT resources as well, let me know of some your awesome ideas for poetry!


  1. Thank you for linking up at my Thursday's Tech Tips for Teachers! I am completely hooked on Poetry Splatter, thank you, thank you, thank you...I could not stop last night! :)
    Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas!

  2. That's really cool to hear you say that Fern- Glad I could help!

    Sparkles, Smiles, and Successful Students


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