So I start my second maternity leave and got a chance to sub there was rough.  I've subbed in what seems like quite a few classrooms and never had a day this tough before. I'm really going to have to beef up my strategies for management apparently after I was so spoiled with my last class.  
Any help for controlling a class at the end of year would be appreciated!!! or just general well wishes!

So I'm so excited to show off my new product.  You know from reading that my last class had some trouble with writing so this was a project that we did- Mystery Writing!  It was so fun! 
They loved getting to be creative and getting a chance to put the clues together!  Check it out....

Don't forget to like my Facebook page to have a chance to win yourself a copy! I don't have too many likes - so you have a good chance ;)

Next, Mrs. Rios is having a fabulous giveaway and you have a chance to win my Static Electricity Stations!  It runs through Saturday with some SERIOUSLY great prizes!

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