End of Year Insanity!

Sorry for being a horrible blogger lately!  Getting back in the swing of things and starting my second maternity leave has been a whirlwind to say the least.  I'm trying to fit in my expectations while teaching so we can get through the rest of the year and that is proving to be rather tiring :(

I do have some very exciting things coming up on the blog - especially later this month, you definitely wouldn't want to miss this!  So make sure you are following!!!

While I'm getting my life organized and together, anyone have any great ideas/links for the end of the year.  I thought about a countdown but I need something super easy to manage and wouldn't take up too much time!  I'm really needing ideas for second grade.  Leave me some comments - please if you have some great end of year activities that you do!


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  2. Sorry! Messed up- trying again! Look up ABC end of year countdown. We are doing one in my 4th grade class. There are a ton of ideas out there for it!!
    ideas by jivey

  3. Would love to have you come by and join my link! It is all about the dollar. Anything that you love, buy, sell, or find that is only a dollar. So come on by!



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