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I wish I had more pictures to share but I'm knee-deep in end of the year testing and those pictures wouldn't be pretty.  16 days people!!!  I'm busy thinking of ideas for reading response for students to do while I'm testing.  We've done some book reviews and this foldable idea I got from the Mailbox magazine awhile ago. (I'm all about the no prep!)

I tried my hand at some labels.  Pretty cool with tons of options for the classroom.  I used them on my Teacher Appreciation Gifts (coming soon!).  This is my first Editable file.  I'm pretty proud of that and it is extremely EASY to do.

1.  Make your file - in this case labels
2. Save as jpg.  In Powerpoint, it saves every slide as a picture.
3.  Open a new Powerpoint and insert the pictures with text boxes over top where you want the editable parts to be.
4.  Save again!  I saved mine as Powerpoint because you can't lift the graphics it makes the clipart safe. :)

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