A Sub for the Sub

Well what an interesting day......!  So I had to go home sick a half day yesterday - no fun at all.  I always am on the other end of the substitute spectrum.  I'm always the one coming in for the sick teachers not preparing for them.  Luckily the administration was very easy to work with but now I truly understand the idea of preparing for a sub, especially when you don't feel good  :(

I got to explain the lessons I was leaving to the sub so that made it easier but still.....it got me thinking of some quick ideas to leave for the sub in a pinch!

1. Sub Plans from TpT - TONS on there and great and easy to follow lessons. Having emergency sub plans makes this so much easier!

2.  Brainpop Jr.  - every school I've subbed has a subscription and you can leave it up on the computer.  We always do the quiz and if we get enough right, we get to play the game.  It can be a great intro to a unit and they usually have something for every subject! (great resource)

3. Movies- Check out the library and see if they have anything to go with what you are learning.  Although this is not ideal- it does work in a pinch.  (Lucky for me we were watching a short video later in the week so I just bumped it up)

4. Writing- Leave a prompt or move writing time to when you are absent.  For most classes, writing is a structured quiet environment that is very easy for a sub to manage.  I have a collection of prompts in my store for every month of the school year which would easily translate into a lesson. 

Monthly Writing Journal Prompts

5. Review Activities- leave practice sheets of review topics from throughout the year.  Games can easily get out of hand but review activities keep students engaged in material they already should know while not putting pressure on a sub to teach a completely new concept (although they are capable ;) 

What do you leave for subs in a pinch?


  1. Great idea! I've had more subs this year than ever in my 5 years of teaching and I haven't even been sick! These are great ideas that I can have ready for anytime I have to prep some plans on the double! Thanks
    Kindergarten Schmindergarten

  2. Thanks for the sweet comment- I had these things running through my head when I was quickly heading out the door and thought they could help others :)


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