New Pinterest Tracking- MUST READ!

So...I was all "why do I have to get new Pinterest??!!" This is like the whole Facebook updating all the time and I have to get used to!



If you are anything like me, and track your pins using the whole pinned from your blog site:

(Just change that to your blog site and WA-LA!)

Did you notice at the top: "Most Repinned" and "Most Clicked" - all such valuable tools for trackers like me! This is site heaven! So glad I got the new look.  What are you waiting for?! 

 You can also search by a certain date to see what was activity for that date?!  This is insanely awesome for any bloggers! Below is the view of stats, I just got it today so I'm hoping it was just my stats for today (otherwise - YIKES!)  but with graphs and everything  - NEAT!

You can click on the little question marks by each thing (impression/click/repin/ etc...) and it will explain it all - revolutionary if you ask me!

Let me know if you plan to use the new Pinterest or if you track like me and how you can use this!!!

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  1. Wow I never knew you could even track your blog on Pinterest! Thanks so much for sharing! Now I am actually looking forward to the new Pinterest design!



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