March 2nd Festivities

First I know that I'm late obviously the day is different!!  Second, Sorry for the wonky pictures - I didn't get a chance to upload them so they came straight from the phone.

So I'm excited that I actually get to use things I've seen and put them to use.  Well this is my first celebration I got to help with in a classroom.  So needless to say, I looked around and found some awesome activities for us to do.

First we did this activity following the author that shall not be named!  The students loved it and they had a great time decorating it in honor of his birthday.

click the picture to be taken over to this blog and get it for yourself! We did ours as the cat and not our faces but it still worked!

Next, of course I looked at for some resources!

Click the picture to head over to Mel's website. 
                            Who doesn't like pie?!

We only had time to do one other thing, so I chose the poetry page from her pack!
I was seriously laughing out loud at the responses we got.  We even got time to share and read just like Dr. You know who - it was a BLAST!
For the little bit of time we had, we made the most of it!  What did you do in your classroom to celebrate?
I'm already looking ahead to St. Paddy's Day, thank goodness for all the wonderful blogs!  So many fantastic idea!

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