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First Grade Fabulosity 


Hi! I teach second grade (my blog still says 1st grade from last year), I've taught kindergarten for 2 years, First Grade for 2 years, and this is my first year to teach Second Grade.


Best Tip for Management:

I use a clip chart that allows students to move up and down. Positive reinforcement is just as, if not more, important that negative consequences. Constantly pointing out those students that are following directions and going above and beyond is very important and really helps cut down on the negative behaviors. :)

Also, making students responsible for their behavior. For example, before leaving the classroom the line must be quiet. I don't keep shouting at them, "Stop talking, stop talking" I make sure that I say, "We will leave the classroom when you are quiet" or while at the carpet.."I will begin teaching the lesson when you are being good listeners" :)

Must Have School Supply:

sticky notes!! You can never have too many! I use them for lessons all the time!

Blogs I follow (and you might want to as well ;)

First Grade Parade, What the Teacher Wants, Clutter Free Classroom, Hello Literacy, Heather's Heart, and so many more!

How to stay organized?

I try to make a place for everything in my little teacher corner. I have drawers for loose papers that need to be filed, copied, graded, etc.. I also have a basket for papers that students return from home for various school wide events and what not. Basically, everything has a place! That way I don't have stacks of papers lying all over my computer desk and small group table!

I also have a mini clipboard that I keep with me with a notepad for any little notes that I may need to make to remind myself of later.... This definitely helps for finishing up things at the end of the day and making sure not to forget things.

Stress Management Advice:

I know that I always feel like when I have a great idea that I need to create it right now! That day! I am trying to realize myself that it doesn't have to be instant. I need to learn to manage my time so that I am not stressed and I can get things done in a reasonable amount of time.

Talk with other teachers. I love to vent about my stresses with my teammates. As long as it isn't about other teachers, of course. No gossip. That just leads to trouble. Talking with other teachers can usually help lessen the weight on your shoulders and can sometimes give you different perspectives for any problems you may have.

Interview Tip:

I would say, don't feel like you can't take a second to think about a question. If they give you a hard question, take a few seconds to think before answering. I have been on a couple of interviews that seem like firing squads...question after question after question...no relaxing discussions. I always come out sweating! BUT I think that I always tried my best to slow down and take my time so that I didn't get flustered!

Advice for first year of Teaching:

hmmmmm.... so hard! I learn so many new things EACH year! I guess I would say this about parent conferences.... Take and keep lots and lots of data and notes on your students. AND Don't let the parents make you feel like you are insignificant or don't know what you are doing. When I first starting teaching I was very nervous about talking with parents. I have learned now that I need to show confidence to parents so that they realize that they can't walk all over me. I make sure I sit at a higher chair than them during conferences ( it really works) and that I have plenty of examples and notes to show them about their student. Having a lot of data and notes is very important when covering your little hiney if parents complain. They can't fight your evidence. You won't always have those kinds of parents, but you never know when you will! 

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Thanks for your advice, Carly.  I love your note about parents something often overlooked when you focus on students all day long!

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