Sight Word Charades

So we have to have so much exposure to sight and spelling words each week but I get tired of the normal routine hangman, writing words in sentences, pictures, etc....
the Pigpen code ....that one is super helpful but can't be used everyday-
today we played sight word charades.
We acted out clues or just said them (as some words you can't act)
It was something different and fun to bring the words to life. 
To bring in the actual spelling we held up dry erase boards to guess the word- it was a GREAT TWIST!
You can do this with:
*spelling words
*sight words
*phonics ( a certain spelling pattern words)
*fun game for review
Any new ideas I should incorporate for spelling time?  I'd love to hear!
Leave me a comment with your email and your suggestion!
I'll pick someone to win a copy of my new Pigpen code- end of year activity!

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