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I've blogged about this before, but starting grad school I felt like it was worth mentioning again.

I think "technology should not be used for technology's sake."  I think it should be integrated meaningfully and it can be done at any age level!  With so much new technology in classrooms today such as Ipads, I-touches, computers, document cameras, etc....  there is so much that can be done!

I want to share a few AWESOME resources of places that I keep up to date on technology and how to use it in the classroom.

Web places:

1. Technology Tailgate

- an amazing blog formed of educators from various levels of education.  I get some great ideas from here and I love that it is a collaboration from others.
- They have a whole page of resources as well for you to use and look at!

2.  Free Tech for Teachers

Free Technology for Teachers

- great blog that posts numerous resources DAILY!
- that fact that all of this is FREE is also an added bonus
- Web 2.0 tools are discussed and his posts are usually short and easy to read

- this one could be for all age ranges but would be especially great for high school!

3. A Turn to Learn

A Turn To Learn

- especially if you're a blogger or creator this is the website for you!
- she offers tutorials each week and you get to vote for which one you want next- I always find them super helpful.  She also has a place you can request what you want to see next. 
- Screenshots are my best friend when walking through something I don't know how to do and she makes it easy to follow.  

What are some of your favorite Technology resources or where do you get ideas for how to integrate?

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