Organization Tips for Everyday Life

Well friends....

I'm starting on a new path in less than a week....this scary, huge, exciting process is something called.........Grad school for Educational Technology

I'm excited about everything I'm going to learn already in my classes but the fact of having homework myself again is a little bit daunting,  I must admit.  Hope everyone is ready for A LOT more tech-y posts, I'm sure I will have plenty to share.

I'm probably the most type A person you will ever read! Seriously it's bad- in school I have to finish things like weeks in advance :(  although I never go back and check the work sadly and I do put in tons of time I just have to have it done SO EARLY, I swear it is some kind of disease.   Can anyone relate?  Am the only one with this crazy condition???

Well here are my organizational tips to make myself feel better and ready for the upcoming semester ;)

Onto the organizational tips: 

1. Write Everything Down!!!!

  • even if you think you won't need it- you would be surprised, I forget small things!  

  • Color coding classes or people (if multiple people use one calendar) can help keep things clear.

  • Keep everything all in one calendar- Yes I'm guilty of having multiple calendars for home and school - believe me this NEVER works :(  too many things go unnoticed. 

  • 2. Look ahead- weeks ahead!!!
  • I hate having homework on weekends (yes I will have homework now) and I do everything in my power to get it done during the week.  

  • I look ahead 2-3 weeks especially for upcoming big projects or dates that you know you will need to put a lot of time and effort into planning. 

3. Break big assignments into chunks.

  • even if its just opening a document and putting your name on the paper knowing you started puts you way ahead of the game

  • Break the assignment into nightly or weekly chunks and don't forget to leave an extra day just to make changes or to make sure technology (email, computer glitches, etc...) doesn't get messed up 

4. Use what works for you!!!

  • I use a monthly calendar, all those day planners overwhelm me!  I need to see it all in one place and see a month ahead of time- its the crazy overplanner in me :(
I just use the bigger squares to write in things since I don't have too many daily assignments. 

Here's an example of the one I use: 

2013 Staples® Monthly Hardcover Planner, Bright Pink, 8" x 11"
Nothing special but it works wonders!

  • Other bloggers and teachers use specific and specialized planners like Erin Condren (JEALOUS!!!)
She has special teacher planners!!

teacher's lesson planner -zig zag

click the pic above to go browse 

How do you stay organized???? 

Be on the look out for an organizational FREEBIE SOON!


  1. Hi Amber, I just found your blog through a pin on pinterest. I love your science labs! (I added your chocolate lab to my wish list). I also just started grad school - curriculum and instruction with an emphasis in science. Anyways, keep up the good work! I'm your newest follower.

  2. Hey Amber, thanks for the organization tips! I love your blog because I am also a recent college graduate and I'm subbing well! :) Good luck with grad school!

    Recess and Beyond

  3. Great to meet you two! Thanks for reading.

    Karen- added on your wishlist! that's awesome my students have loved my candy experiments! :)


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