Holiday Happenings

It was somewhat hard going back to school today after Friday.  All I could think about were the students I was with, and how even if I'm not with them everyday that it wouldn't matter- I was their teacher that day. 

Coming back, I was reading over plans today and one of my former students from student teaching delivers this today!!!

IT MADE MY DAY - I gave him the biggest hug!!! He sought out a SUB and remembered to make one for me. It gave me the best start to the day :)  I love little things like that!!!

Well, I've been meaning to post some Christmas/Holiday happenings that I have gotten to be a part of!!! Love this time of year especially in classrooms!!!  

I got to do this reindeer craft with some kindergarteners the other day, not sure where the template is from but how adorable!!!

Learning is something to treasure- has this amazing Christmas How-To pack that is FREE!!!

Click the picture below for more details, I love how creative the students get to be with it.  Check out some of our responses.  How-to writing is a blast with this!!!

Christmas How To Writing Pack FREEBIE

I'd put butter on him and then try put him out then put oil on him if that didn't work. 

I would go down and jump on top of him to get it out :(  Not exactly sure Santa would like this one.

 I know these are all wonky but look at the detail.  He put full descriptions for everything he could possibly try to get Santa out! 

Hope everyone has a great last and hopefully (not too crazy) week!!!

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