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Now that I'm done...I've already been back on the sub circuit!  Whew...I forgot how tiring it can be to have a different set of awesome students everyday.  I  love getting to be in all different grade levels too and see what each one has to offer!

So undoubtedly my first job would be without sub plans...Hello! Haven't teachers heard of emergency sub plans!!!! Just look on TpT! They're even free ones!! Well, I'm not exactly complaining because it was in my old school so I knew the curriculum and my teacher helped me out and I just got real resourceful!

My teacher (Love, Laughter, and Lesson plans) mentioned and yes I have seen it before on plenty of blogs but have I checked it out...sadly no.....until yesterday!

All I had were the words for the week but nothing about what to do.  She suggested that website so I hurriedly went to check it out!

Can you say LIFESAVER?!

Sure glad I did!  They even have great stuff for FREE!!!! We played some of the games and I printed out the word search for extra practice and if they needed something else to do during the day.

This is going on my list of go-to resources for any classroom!  Glad I found this gem!

I'm so lucky to have so many jobs lined up already -- I was extremely worried about sitting at home and being bored...not so far!

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  1. Got to love those days with no lesson plans! Always come prepared, that's for sure. And thank goodness for TpT!

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher
    Endless Pinabilities!


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