Weekly Update!

As per usual, here are my top 5 of the week:

1. Percy, the caterpillar in our room has already started getting in his "J" shape aka about ready to start the process of becoming a butterfly!  This was only 1 day after my teacher found him, SO COOL!

2. Coupons- We use reward coupons in the classroom that I'm in.  She uses the coupons when students reach the top of the clip chart (about once a week).  People stay on color all week on top half and if you go down then you start back over at middle everyday.  She makes it pretty hard and really have to go above and beyond so the students really earn these!

She inspired my next product: Movie-themed reward coupons!

Check them out:

Best part of all.............they cost nothing to maintain!  Goodbye treasure box!!!  Students just turn them in when they want to use them!  So awesome!!!!  They match our classroom theme and the students already love that so it will be a nice addition!

Click the pic above to check out my coupons!

3. Daily 5- Well it's going.......everything was in place, but it was WAY to loud!  My teacher and I decided to have groups rotate through the choices for now and then when they have mastered that we will bring the choice option back into place.  Since we had the same kiddos last year, we know how good they could be!

Any ideas for managing the Daily 5?  We have tried reteaching and placement in room but noise is still an issue.  I think right now our groups will work for us.... especially with a finicky tape player (that I can't even get to work half the time and have to go deal with while my teacher does groups).  So I'd say once we get a few kinks ironed out, choice can begin again.

4. Mycutegraphics.com - How have I never heard of this website?!  It is fabulous!! So much stuff and she supports teachers!!!  That is the clipart I used for the coupons!  Check the site out!

backgrounds - images - graphics

5. I'm finally getting use to teacher schedule (positive) 
   Getting up that early on weekends (negative)....why does my body have to be so on time?!

The crazy part is I've always been a morning person, so getting up early I'm really productive but always get tired early, which makes the weekends not so much fun!  Guess I need some caffeine.  

Ok after reading all this..........

First 2 people to comment will get the coupons posted above!  Make sure to leave your email address!


  1. Those are so cute! Thanks for the new graphics site.. I hadn't seen that one!

    Strive to Sparkle

  2. New graphic site! Yay!



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