So I promised pics of Percy so here you go:

He's all in his chrysalis!  Bright green with a few yellow spots and a yellow line near the top.

The students did a great job recording their observations of what is happening with Percy.  They are on the edge of their seats waiting for him/her to become a butterfly....too bad that takes a little while!  :(

Onto what we did today!  

We worked on Long E during spelling.  I got the idea for this anchor chart that is all over Pinterest! 

I added the different spellings for the long E sound down at the bottom after we identified them in the poem.  

We brainstormed some together as a class, then I sent pairs to brainstorm more on their own!  Boy, did they do great! Here are some examples: 

MAYBE? Although it shouldn't go in the "Y" category, what an awesome word!  Knee- even spelled correctly!

Library?! - WOOHOO! Pretty cool if you ask me :)

Although I had my students fold and write the categories I whipped up this freebie for you to make it easier if you want to do this in your classroom!  Click below to print your own sorting page!

This was definitely a great way to introduce Long E spellings! The students did great brainstorming words and using environmental texts for clues.  

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