Where to find books?

Even though I don't have  my own classroom yet, I love looking for books! I love Love LOVE children's literature.  I usually end up picking picture books because I can always read them aloud for the younger grades.

Books are awesome and a necessity for every classroom but they can be EXPENSIVE!  Here are some places I've found that offer cheap options for getting your classroom library stocked.

I wanted to share the places I find books:

1. GARAGE SALES: so underrated!  The books are so cheap especially if they are from other teachers, or mothers who have a lot of extra books!  Look in your local newspaper and hit some up- the early mornings really pay off.  Around my area books can be a quarter for paperback or $1 for hardback.

2. Scholastic - has plenty of options for teachers:

Scholastic - Read Every Day. Lead a Better Life

  • warehouse sales- happen a couple times a year! Like the giant book fairs at school but cheaper and only for teachers (how cool is that?!).  Click here to find one in your area!  
  • Book orders at school- I'm sure plenty of teachers know this one. You can order books with your points for the school or classroom.  This is also a great way to see what your students are interested in   and what books would be good to get for your classroom. 
  • Scholastic itself- if you are lucky enough to have close relative work at Scholastic they offer amazing discounts on books for employees.  We have a couple Scholastic plants in our area and I know plenty of people who use this resource. 
Here's a bag I got, for 40 books for well under 50 cents a book! Even some great series!

3. Library Sales - our library has a giant booksale every year with books drastically on sale with table upon table of books for kids.  Great place to stock up.  Sometimes these aren't advertised as much, ask your local librarian when they get rid of books to find out if this is a possibility. 

4.  Other Teachers/School or Blogs- ok this one is more for book ideas. But when I'm blogstalking and see a book I like, I mentally note it so when I find it at one of the above places I can check it out.  Another great resource is to ask other teachers who might be retiring or the librarian at the end of the year if they are getting rid of any books.  I know one school that let teachers take books from a certain shelf at the end of the year and the rest were donated. 

Any other great places to get books? I would love to hear!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I got a bunch of books yesterday at Savers, a thrift store. They averaged out to be about 50 cents a book. I get a lot of mine at library book sales, though. All children's books are 25 cents each! Most of the books are in great shape and were originally $7 - $20. Amazing!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  2. Don't forget Goodwill! Children's books that aren't hardcover are 69 cents, and that's even before any special savings days. Thrift stores are great, too!

  3. I have shopped at the Hospice Thrift Store and Senior Citizen Thrift Store. Not only are the books cheap (25 to 50 cents each), but the money goes to a worthy cause!
    Patti :)
    A Series of 3rd Grade Events

  4. I shop at a local Childrens Consignment Shop (such as Once Upon A Child) for my daughter and I find that they have a large selection of books. Not only do I get great deals for clothes for her, but I have gotten many books in almost brand new condition for around a dollar each.


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