Week 2 and Contraction Game

Week 2 finished!  Finally getting used to some kind of schedule- albeit that does not mean I'm still not SO tired all the time and may or may not be going to bed at 9 o'clock just so I can stay awake all day.

I'll do my Top 5 from this week (I think you're gonna like these :)

1. Contractions Game: This game/center/lesson can be done when learning about contractions and can be used in various ways throughout the classroom.  I created it because it fit with what we were learning about for spelling and grammar plus it's versatile and the students can play it independently if they want later.

Click the pic below to head over to my TpT store and check it out. 

It contains lesson activity, 2 different games to play, a center and extra lesson/activity ideas! Not to mention 21 pairs of contractions to use :)

2. I have already gotten some love notes from my kiddos (YAY!!!! ) They are so encouraging- most of the time.  One girl told me one day "I was too dressy" and the next day "I look like a teenager."  Oh well...I'm loving all the hugs and excitement that the classroom contains. 

3. Kid-isms- the things they say that make my day

  • One student pronounced my name Ms. Hogalog (hog-a-log) even though it is Ms. Haslag (Haus-log).  
  • One student wrote on their paper that their favorite book was: Gasy Dragon - it was hard not to laugh out loud on that one :)
  • During conferencing during writing workshop one boy was writing and drawing a picture and for the life of me I couldn't figure out what "Hobe Lobe" was until it hit me walking around the room - HOBBY LOBBY!  I was like "I know what you're writing about!!! I LOVE HOBBY LOBBY!" 
4. Brain breaks are lifesavers- jumping up and down, hopping, climbing a ladder, wiggling - all these things make our extremely long math class seem shorter.  I even get in on the exercise and believe me it DOES HELP!  I can refocus too!

5.  New attention getter: I'm sure you've all heard: "Clap once if you can hear my voice, clap twice if you can hear my voice" Well my teacher adds "Hands on your hips if you can hear my voice, finger on your lips if you can hear my voice" Then the students are making the quiet sign (with finger on lips) I thought it was a great twist that definitely works on following directions and quiet signals in the elementary grades.

I just wanted to thank you all my followers- for following me on this journey! You guys rock!

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  1. I love hearing about your student teaching experiences! I am also student teaching this fall and am learning many new things. Feel free to check out my blog.


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