First Week Down! and Open House FREEBIE

Notice how I said....first week down! I was so busy I didn't even get to post after my first day :(

As a student teacher, I'm sure I have a unique perspective on the world of education.  Unlike many new teachers, I was completely un-nervous about the first day, even though my teacher definitely was.  Very unlike me, because usually I'm a massive case of butterflies, sweaty palms, and jitters, so that part was awesome.

Ok instead of rambling on I'm going to hit top 5 things I learned or remembered from the first week:

1. Stay calm!  In any situation (we already principal come in our class)  My cooperating teacher stayed so calm in the situation and never got flustered and handled herself even afterward like nothing I would have done and I'm actually glad to have witnessed.

2. Temperature matters!  The first day of school was so cold (to me!) in our room and I had to walk around with my arms crossed to keep me warm.  The next day our air was broke and it 78.  Not unbearable but makes me and the students sleepy.  News to self: bring a jacket!!

3. Work, Work, Work!  I had no idea how much went into a classroom till I was helping the teacher with ours! Cutting, decorating, copying, laminating (how do school functions when this goes out?!), planning....the list goes on and on . I was so wore out at night, hopefully I can get used to this schedule soon!

4. I love schools- No surprise here but nice to reaffirm it especially when I'm with kids all the time.  I've loved seeing the students already!  I love being around them, the hugs, love notes!  Even though I'm technically not teaching anything yet being around full time to help and observe has been great!

5. I need more clothes. Bottom line.  Not kidding, need flats, pants or capris, and simple shirts.  I know I've posted about where to look and I have done some looking but remember that part up there about being so tired...well I haven't gotten too much shopping in yet.

Well after surviving open house (parents!!! ahh!!!) I thought I would share this FREEBIE with anyone
in case you wanted to have parents sign up for parties in school.  I'm sure you're very much looking forward to this after the extremely long post.


  1. Congrats on your first week down! That was a relief to me because then I knew how the weeks kind of went. Yes, sweaters are a must, and having lots of clothing options is necessary! I have recently found that JC Penny has some great options for teacher clothes and their prices have come way down with their recent store makeover. I also do lots of shopping at Kohls and Target. Flats... a must!! Payless and Target has great options for thoes! Relax this weekend and gear up for the next week! So excited to follow your journey!
    BakingCraftingTeaching Oh My!

  2. Thanks for the tips. I start my student teaching internship tomorrow and I so nervous!! I'm looking forward to reading about your experience :)

  3. Congrats on surviving your first week! I definitely recommend dressing in layers. My room ranges from 60 degrees to about 95 degrees (we don't have AC). I have lots of sweaters that match my clothes!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade


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