I wanted to let everyone know that I have been getting all your awards and I really appreciate them!  They really do mean a lot the blogging world and I'm happy to be picked!  I'll pass them on soon- once I get a break in my life.

So yesterday I said I'm making a FREEBIE to go with my magic trick.  If you missed my trick check out my post here. Includes instructions and everything!

Here's a quick pic of what we were up to:

If you can't see - the test tube is FULL of water!  Flipping it over is the best part!

I looked scared but its fun!!! TRUST ME!

I created this How-to writing FREEBIE to go along with it!  Plus then the students get a chance to do the experiment at home once they know the steps!

If you want more How-to Writing Examples and fun science experiments check out my Marshmallow Centers Pack on TpT:

Freebie Fridays

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