Centers and Cool Magic Trick life has been crazy (when is it not?!).  Random number generator picked 3~ so Katie you are the lucky winner. If you'll email me (my email is on the side) I'd be happy to send you the centers!

If you didn't win and still want them click the pic below to be taken to my TpT store and snatch them up!

So I'm still busy, busy, busy but I'll leave you with a cool magic trick that I didn't even know would work but looks awesome.  I'll try and create a FREEBIE to go with it tommorrow!


test tube, baby food jar, cup

Fill vessel all the way to the top and even so it makes a bubble over the top
Place notecard over the top and press down gently.  When I see the outline of the top of the tube, FLIP!

IT SEALS IT! How cool!  

I did it over the aquarium because it will fall eventually but it was pretty neat. 

I look a little scared in this last one (it was the first time I tried it) it works great though!!! Holds for up to a min!

Remember to use a heavier paper which will help!  Make sure the top is completely covered!

Trust me the students are AMAZED!

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