Explosive Fun!!!

Hi Everyone! I'm excited to start off another week- we're in week 6 of camp...so halfway over :(
Although this makes me sad I'm excited for all the stuff we have planned the next few weeks!

Before I get to my awesome Freebie just wanted to remind you of a few things:

1. I opened a TPT store and my first item is up! Go check it out or better yet be a follower!. My static electricity stations are awesome- and SO MUCH FUN! Try them out with your students.  I think it's pretty unique item because I haven't seen these experiments around anywhere!

This would be a great demo for younger students and definitely a great experiment with full student engagement for upper elementary!
click the pic to be taken to my store! 

2. I started an Elementary Experiments collaborative pin board for science elementary experiments and stuff! If you would like to be a collaborator...........I would love to have you!  Leave your Pinterest ID in a comment, and I'll add you!

Click the pic to...check out the cool stuff we've already pinned! and Follow if you'd like!

Little Miss Hypothesis and Science Penguin are authors too! How cool is that?!

------------------------------------------okie dokie---------------------------------------------------

Onto sciency-stuff..............

I'm sure you've all seen this somewhere or another.....well I decided to give it a try with my younger kids, and boy was I GLAD I did!

This is so much fun--- even for me ;)

All you need is baking soda and vinegar and food coloring then........go to town!!!

  • We mixed colors to create new colors
  • We tried baking powder

  • We tested what it felt like

  • We listened to what we heard

  • We stuck our hands in and played

It was lots of fun!  I created this freebie to go with our exploration to help students use their 5 senses as scientists when we explore....ENJOY! 

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday


  1. Good luck finding a job! There's never a class as special as your first one. Thanks for sharing your freebie.

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  2. I love your new unit on static electricity. I am teaching 6-8th science next year and I am really enjoying your blog.n I was already a blog follower and now I am following your store too.
    First Class Teacher

  3. I am teaching 6th - 8th science this coming school year and would love to join your collaborative board.
    My pinterest ID is: pinterest.com/PamelaFulk/

    1. Thanks for following my store! You're the first one!!!! I just added you on Pinterest as well! :)


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