Science FREEBIE and Gummy Bear Results

You can see some results of our gummy bear lab above!  The top yellow bear is a plain gummy bear and the one to the left was put in water! We estimated it grew about 2.5 times its original size.  The pink bear was put in salt water and did not grow very much at all and was still pretty firm (unlike the water bear)

Some of the kids touching and observing the gummy bears we started soaking yesterday!  Quite Fun!

Sorry its upside down, but more of our gummy bears.  Some of our favorites were soda (which changed color completely) and the bleach because it completely disintegrated and produced heat (which was definitely cool!)  

At the very end of class we created some gummy bear "superlatives" if you will and filled them in.  We went over some general observations: like any gummy bears in liquid absorb to some degree and get a little bigger at least.  We had a great time with our experiment!

Check out the freebie below which you can use with a variety of science experiments, I love to use it a lot with camp especially with younger kids because having a say in the experiment really invests the kids in learning.  Let me know what you think!

Click the pic for the freebie!


  1. Love these experiments!!!


    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class
    PS I'm having a linky and would love for you to join!

  2. I am featuring this post on my Sunday Shout Outs so be sure to stop by! :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac

    1. This is awesome! Thanks so much! I surely will be stopping by!!! :)


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