Question for all Teachers out there- New teacher Help!!

So I got to do something awesome today!!! One of my friends who graduated and has a job let me help her set up her classroom today.  We're both kind of in the same boat not having our own classrooms before so she wanted my input ........ and I said "Of course" (I secretly jumped up and down)

Whew....I know what all the teachers talk about- it is A LOT of work, moving everything around, getting set up.  She wanted to take inventory and see what she might need to order from school to start the year which is where my question comes in.  Being a brand new teacher,WHAT DO YOU ORDER?  

Where does one even start?!  This is not something we went over in college :(  

The principal helped start a list and we checked some websites and marked off what was left by a previous teacher, but other than that we just really didn't know

So in blog-land - teachers, I'm asking what would be something a new teacher might forget or really should remember school supply wise to ask for?  (Like out of those big catalogs)  

Storage is not an issue with lots of cabinets  but other than that...........if anyone has ideas of where to start with a new classroom those will be much appreciated!! ;)  

Thanks in advance everyone!! 


  1. I would say a stapler, scissors, hole puncher, tape dispenser, tape (clear and masking), pens, construction paper, paint. I know there is more to order but these items are a good start.


  2. I used lined paper a lot in my classroom, as well as dry erase markers and erasers (if she has a white board). Good luck!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  3. Chart paper, for sure! (And a simple easel, if you can swing it!) You also definitely need to look into what kinds of math manipulatives will already be provided- I didn't realize I was missing Unifix cubes, base ten blocks, plastic coins, etc. until I needed them! I would also suggest white boards, markers, etc. are huge for student engagement. Don't forget things like dice, counters, trays for papers, writing paper, lots of magnets and magnetic clips, chalk or markers for the board, an alphabet and number line (or hundreds board), some kind of mailboxes or cubbies... the basics are the easiest to forget!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  4. Thanks for all the help ladies- FANTASTIC IDEAS! You have no idea how easy some of that stuff is to forget!

  5. I was wondering the same thing the other day (I'm also a first year teacher with a blank slate!). Only my classroom is also missing some key furniture a teacher's desk! Haha, you can see pictures of it on my blog. On my list I have stacking paper trays, 3 hole punch, stapler, chart paper, index cards, construction paper, dry erase markers, sharpies, pencils, tape, glue sticks, colored pencils, highlighters, markers, binder clips, scissors, post-its, Kleenex, and clear page protector sheets. I'll be in 6th grade so my list may be a bit different from yours. Maybe that helps though!

  6. I took time over my first year to gather things and four years later, I'm still gathering more things to use. Here's my basics I wish I would have gotten sooner): dry erase markers/small boards (at least enough for 2 kids to share), signs to set up around your room (lots on TpT for free), and pocket charts from the dollar bin at Target.
    The Science Penguin


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