Ivory Soap Experiment and Dough Recipe

So we did a million things at camp today......not sure what got into my planning but here is one of my favorites!!!!

I'm sure you've run across this easy recipe many times but seriously just go DO IT!!! It is super fun - even my "Big" kids (aka the oldest group) was amazed that their predictions were very wrong.

All you need is Ivory soap,  a plate and a microwave- HOW SIMPLE!!

One big clue: It must be Ivory soap- no one other ones with work.  It has something to do with the air that is whipped into it.

Brace yourselves: Pop this bad boy into the microwave for no longer than 2 minutes!!!!

We took ours out at a minute after it cooled, then scrapped it off, then another minute (because I was tired of getting it off the microwave)


BAMMMM!! My older kids thought it felt like dried shaving cream, it was smooth, crumbly, fun............in other words- AWESOME!

Well we didn't stop there: I had preschool later so we crumbled up our soap, added a little water, and tore up some paper towels and WALLLLAHHH: 

Ivory Soap Dough 

Ok ok...it doesn't look like much but it is so fun to play around with! Trust me!!

You could also add food coloring and after awhile it does get pretty hard so you could make shapes.

Who could resist playing with something that gets you clean??!  ;)

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  1. I just saw this on pinterest!! Looooooooooove it!

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    Mrs. Stanford's Class
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