Everybody loves CANDY!!!!!

So this week for camp all the experiments we are doing have to do with candy!  I got a ton of information from Pinterest and this website: http://www.candyexperiments.com/ (go figure...LOL)

But the kids are so excited.....today we started off with a gummy bear lab!!! I was inspired by this pin:

But we took it to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL! I was once again amazed by the brainstorming and creativeness of the class.  We started out with our regular water, salt water, then we added vinegar, baking soda and vinegar, and sugar water (each with separate cups)

Then after the first class, I had the oldest group and each table brainstormed what they wanted to try with the gummy bears.  Look at our impressive list: 

I'm sure you can't read it all but it was long!  We wrote down what we wanted to test, then our guesses of what would happen, and we left space to fill in the results tomorrow!  Boy am I excited and I know that the kids are too!  They had so much fun coming up with things- they didn't want to stop :) 

Some of our oldest campers suggested bleach.  At first I was hesitant but because these were the oldest kids (3rd grade and up) I knew that if we could (under controlled conditions) we should give them the chance to explore....so we used a little bleach- and kept it away from our hands and faces!!!!

This was one of those happy accidents (which I love and are an awesome learning experience for science)....it was pretty cool.  Most of the gummy bears you have to wait to see what happens....NOT THIS ONE!

Take a look: 

They dissolved right away and there was even foam on the top!!! The cup was WARM also!!!  I'm not really sure all the exact science behind this (I'll look it up for class tomorrow ;)

I suggest if you try this doing it outside because of the smell and then bring it inside later! I'll update what happens to the rest of our gummy bears tomorrow and check back in this week for more awesome CANDY experiments :)


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