You cannot miss this experiment!!! It is so fun and has some "WOW" results.  You'll see where it gets its name shortly!  I found the experiment here and just knew I had to try it. 

Here's the steps!  Give  it a try for yourself!!!

warm water
dish soap
food coloring
6% hydrogen peroxide (I used clairoxide clear developer from a beauty supply store)


1. set plastic water bottle in pan.

2. Mix together 1 tsp. yeast and 2 tbsp. water and let set while you make the other solution!

3. Pour 1/2 cup of the developer (peroxide) into bottle, add 4-5 drops of food coloring, and then a squirt of dish soap.

4.  Pour yeast into bottle and see what happens! :)

Prepare yourself for OOOOHHHHSs and AAAAHHHHHsss!!! It happens quickly but goes on for awhile! The reaction is exothermic and the bottle and foam gets warm as well. 

If you want the scientific explanation: (here it is copied from the website above)
"The reaction is summarized by this formula: 2 H2O2  -->  2 H2O + 02.

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) naturally breaks down into water and oxygen.  It is stored in opaque containers to help slow down this process.  Catalase (an enzyme in all living things, including yeast) speeds up the reaction.  Dish soap catches the oxygen and makes bigger bubbles and the food coloring makes it look cool.  The foam and bottle feel warm because the reaction is exothermic--it releases energy as heat."

 Here's a freebie to go with the awesome experiment:   Click the picture below to get it!

I'm linking up with Classroom Freebies as well!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Have a great rest of the day everyone!


  1. Wow, Amber - very cool!! Your other experiments on your Freebies page also look great! Found you at Manic Monday - thanks for sharing. :)

    Linda Nelson
    Primary Inspiration

  2. Just found your cute blog! I'm sure the kids LOVED that experiment...I can imagine they're reactions! I'd love for you to drop by my blog and join up in the music for your classroom linky party!

    Teaching Maddeness

  3. My daughter is at a perfect age and time for this one. She will love creating elephant toothpaste, especially after the science fair at the end of this school year. It sounds like fun and a great educational way to keep her entertained.

  4. Looks like a great fifth grade experiment for our unit on physical/chemical changes! Thanks!

  5. Love this! I'll be doing this next year with my middle schoolers too to introduce physical/chemical changes. I am now a fan and follower!
    First Class Teacher

  6. DO Try This at Home: Elephant Toothpaste

  7. DO Try This at Home: Elephant Toothpaste


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